Purely Clear


Essential Oil Blends

Essential Oil Blends
Mood Blend Image

Mood Blend
Designed to promote a positive attitude, peace, & alleviate depression

Immunity Blend Image

Immunity Blend
Anti-septic, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-infectious and anti-parasitic

Calm Blend Image

Calm Blend
Reduce anxiety and promote peace, calmness, relaxation, and gentleness

Romance Blend Image

Romance Blend
Balance both male / female sexual energies, natural aphrodisiac properties

Energy Blend Image

Energy Blend
Promotes physical energy, inspiration, reduce fatigue, and adrenal support

Detox Blend Image

Detox Blend
Designed to discharge toxins, purify and cleanse the blood and body

Brain Blend Image

Brain Blend
Stimulate the mind, alleviate mental fatigue, encourage concentration